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Aluminium Utensils: A Basic Introduction

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Aluminium Utensils (Al) in its many forms are an important part of most Indian households. The most common items used out of Aluminium are the utensils for cooking. And as an aluminum foil again which is use in cooking and food packaging in all countries. Due to this extensive application for a long duration, aluminum is consider as one of the best material for the cookware and the food industry.

Aluminum is also an effective conductor of heat. So due to its softness tendency, it gets heated up and gets cooled. It is rust-free, noncorrosive, and fire-resistant metal. It is an economic metal i.e. inexpensive as compared to other metals.

Aluminium utensils are lightweight, easy to handle, and clean. And are also affordable with long durability and reliability.

Manufacturing of Aluminium Utensils:

Aluminum metal has physical and chemical properties that make it usable for fabricating utensils. It has a density of 2.7 g/cm which makes it a lightweight metal. Aluminum, when used with manganese, copper, and zinc, has a good strength which makes it more of the predominant metallic alloys. When aluminum is expose to air, it combines with oxygen to form an inert (non-reactive) and colorless aluminum oxide film on the exposed surface. Which blocks its contact with the other elements to prevent further chemical reaction to take place. Thereby maintaining the quality of food kept in these utensils.

Aluminium Utensils come with a non-stick coating surface. For acid-rich and salty foods, these utensils can leach the aluminum to the food. i.e. aluminium utensils are reactive to the foods and can change or affect the flavor or color of the foods. Whereas aluminum utensils are safe for the oven. Still, it is not recommended to use on the high heat temperature as high heat could damage the coating system of the utensil.

Are Aluminium Utensils Safe?

The Aluminium Utensils available in the market are the kind of Hard Anodized Aluminium. As the utensils is make of the electrochemical process and there is a non-stick coating on the surface. So there is nothing to worry about the health issues. It maintains the proper quality of food thereby keeping it safe to consume and store.

But one should remember that they must avoid cooking acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus, vinegar, etc. with these types of utensils as it might hamper the flavor or color of food. Also, avoid recipes that might need high heat or consume a long time to cook.

Advantages of Aluminium Utensils

Aluminium Utensils manufacturers in India are highly durable and best known as a good conductor of heat.

They have a non-stick coating surface which is ultra-smooth.

Highly comfortable to use

Easy to clean

Affordable and available in various designs and quality.

Safe for oven use.

Requires less oil to cook the food.

Also, food can be cook evenly.

Hence, aluminium utensils are good to be use in the kitchen. And other food-related forms for keeping the food safe and maintaining their quality.

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