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Why aluminium cookware Utensils get discoloured in the dishwasher?

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The aluminium cookware utensils can incur some major damage if placed in a dishwasher. The reasons behind this are:-

1. The intense heat the dishwasher uses to clean the dishes
2. The corrosive dishwater detergent used by the dishwasher.

The surface of an aluminium cookware utensil is quite delicate. Thus can’t withstand the combination of these factors within the dishwasher.

Preferably aluminium cookware is better off being wash manually to prevent it from changing its color and texture.

How to put Aluminium Utensils in the Dishwasher

Before putting any utensils in the dishwasher, do read the manufacturer’s instructions, given on the packaging, to ensure if the utensils are safe or not to be wash in dishwashers.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations given on the dishwasher as this will help you save your money. Apart from that, it will also protect other dishes in the dishwasher present. The damage done to aluminium cookware utensils may not be very evident and can be see at first as it may take time for the surface of the utensil to break down and for tarnish to accumulate on it.

The Ambience of the Dishwasher

Dishwashers heat water up to more than 140 degrees. This ambiance built inside a dishwasher is required for the dishes to be washed properly. The heat inside is mandatory for liquefying the detergent and removing any grease and gross that is present on the dirty dishes.

The detergent used for washing the dishes contains harsh and strong chemicals to clean the dishes more effectively and neatly.

Tips when cleaning Aluminium utensils:

You can try changing your dishwashing detergent to clean the aluminium cookware in the dishwasher. A detergent which is bleach-free and eco-friendly will be more of preference
Another way of washing Aluminium cookware is by hand in the sink. Choose a pH-neutral dishwashing liquid for better results.

If you notice some traces of gold or copper are put aluminium utensil then it won’t be safe for washing it in the dishwasher as there is a chance that the coating will be remove.
Avoid washing your Aluminium utensil with salt.

The high heat of the dishwasher accompanied by the mineral content of water may darken Aluminium cookware and utensil leading to discoloration of the utensils.


Aluminium utensils can face a high fate if they are put in a dishwasher.
Anodized aluminium cookware is a bit expensive so no one wants to spend a considerable amount of money replacing them again.

Therefore, one should be cautious of adding them to the dishwasher. Also, if you have pressed or cast Aluminium utensils, they may cause damage to other dishes and utensils in the dishwasher.

So, if you care about your Aluminium utensils, then the preferable thing is to clean them manually rather than using the dishwasher. This will maintain the long-lasting nature of the utensil and will maintain its finishing and quality as well.

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