Aluminium Cookware

Why aluminium cookware Utensils get discoloured in the dishwasher?

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The aluminium cookware utensils can incur some major damage if placed in a dishwasher. The reasons behind this are:- 1. The intense heat the dishwasher uses to clean the dishes 2. The corrosive dishwater detergent used by the dishwasher. The surface of an aluminium cookware utensil is quite delicate. Thus can’t withstand the combination of these factors within […]

Aluminum manufacturers

What are the Issues with the Aluminum manufacturers in India?

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The aluminum manufacturers in India have raised several issues on various challenges. That aluminum industry is facing nowadays. Which is lacking them from raising high and moving a step further in their domain? Let’s discuss those issues to have a clear transparent image. Why these aluminum manufacturing industries are not leading ahead. The major issues are:- 1. […]

Aluminium Utensils

Aluminium Utensils: A Basic Introduction

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Aluminium Utensils (Al) in its many forms are an important part of most Indian households. The most common items used out of Aluminium are the utensils for cooking. And as an aluminum foil again which is use in cooking and food packaging in all countries. Due to this extensive application for a long duration, aluminum […]