Aluminium Welded Tray

The Aluminium Welded Tray is also available in different sizes. It is a multipurpose item used by catering services and also used in restaurants. Our aluminium tray are of superior quality and a clean finish that makes it more attractive and durable.


SizeThickness (Inch.)1" Deep (Weight.)3" Deep (Weight)
8x1216 Swg0.3200.600
10x1416 Swg0.5000.750
12x1616 Swg0.7501.100
14X1814 Swg1.0501.500
16x2014 Swg1.5602.000
18x2414 Swg2.0002.800
24x2412 Swg3.0004.400
22x3212 Swg4.4005.800
24x3612 Swg5.8007.250
26x4010 Swg7.2509.000